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Shopping Malls In Jackson Mississippi

Jackson Mississippi is not only great for its universities, parks and also museums; it is also widely known for its shopping malls. The idea of shopping malls is evidently one of the most genius inventions of all time, and you can get to do all your daily activities under one roof, all it takes is little amounts of movement. The shopping malls in Mississippi are well known in both convenience and architecture, and listed below is a list of the top shopping malls in Jackson Mississippi:

1. Highland Village

The Highland Village center found in Jackson is a perfect place for people who want to experience the beautiful shopping experiences. There is the providence of quite high-end shops and also hidden jewels, and this is in the Mall’s corridors. The village offers a perfect setting for friends and family to be able to enjoy a good meal. This aspect is more than often overlooked. The mall is inclusive of a couple of new spots, and it is just the place one should go when they visit the town.

2. Dogwood Festival

This particular mall has a variety of places to eat at the shopping center. However, the shopping center is outside, and on other occasions of the year, it might be sweltering, and this serves as a barrier for people willing to walk to different stores. There are many good stores in the mall, but the center is a particularly good place for restaurants.

3. Renaissance at Colony Park

This center is based in Ridgeland and has the capabilities of providing an excellent outdoor area, which is more than likely suited to 1-55. The mall does not offer a variety of dining options, and just right in front of the Charming Charlie, there is a tiny splash pad for the kids who visit the mall, and this is mainly for sunny days, which is often so lovely for the parents. The stores are average but pretty perfect for the town of Mississippi. It has a pretty scenery and accompanying comfortable environment.

4. Oriental Shoppe

This mall has very lovely shops with equally better shop owners. It is the perfect center for gift searching purposes. The design of the store, with the kitty on the window, is undeniably speaking the best part of the mall, which ensures that the consumers keep coming back.

5. North Park Mall

This serves as one of the most famous malls in the city, with a beautiful area and a further wide selection of stores. The stores are also of excellent quality.